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We offer a mobile dent repair service, with quotations over the phone. We will come to your home or place! In most cases takes 1-2 hours.


Trained PDR technician use steel rods to gently remove a dent from the damaged area whilst keeping the original paintwork.


Removes dents from your vehicles without the need for filling or re-spraying, making it a much cheaper way of fixing damage.


Dent eraser is certified PDR technician lead the industry with the ability to repair everything from major vehicle damage to finer cosmetic issues.

Best Car Dent Repair for You in Louth, Meath, dublin and north ireland

Car dent repair near me is your browser filled with this kind of question? Or are you searching for a dent master in your County? Dent Eraser one of the most trusted dent repairs is right at your service.

Paintless dent Expulsion is a speciality of our whole team. We can swiftly, cleanly, and effectively remove those small dents that so many people believe are simply too costly to repair, and we can do so in a timely and cost-effective manner. PDR is frequently less expensive than body shops. Our professionals access the rear of the damage and use specialised instruments developed for dent removal to do a paintless dent repair. This gives our painters a clear view of both sides of the dent, allowing them to apply pressure as needed while manipulating the dent and finally restoring it to its original shape.

Apart from these, we provide a mobile dent repair service and provide estimates over the phone by coming over to your house or location! It usually takes 1-2 hours in most circumstances.

Experienced PDR technicians use steel rods to delicately remove a dent from the damaged area while maintaining the original paintwork.

With us you can save money, as the service we provide eliminates dents from your car with no need for patching or re-spraying, making it a considerably more cost-effective method of damage repair. Dent eraser is an industry-leading qualified PDR professional that can fix everything from significant automotive damage to minor aesthetic concerns.
So what are you waiting for? Go For Dent Eraser Now!

car dent repair near me

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